January 21, 2009

Emo Definition - Some pointers about emo fashions

So,What is emo? Well most people would consider it punk with emotion is what we would call the classification of a new rising way of feeling your inner self.

Close enough to punk and rock Emo is now know for it's more emotional state of mind. Instead of the anger hard-core way of expressing one-self , Emo (short for emotional) has taken a new tole on the twentieth century of expressing yourself. From the music with strong emotion and feeling, unlike hard rock or this is more of an alternative way to let your feeling be known. Emo is not only a classification or a type of music it's also taken over the way one expresses themselves by dressing. It includes the tighter fitting pants to the dyed-black or dark hair with it covering your face. The longer hair in front with the spikes in the back is also a more Emo- or emotional look to dressing. Emo is also being known as for the hot emo guys and emo girls kissing. From pictures all on the web to the music videos. Hot emo girl to girl and well as hot emo guy to guy is becoming more and more adventurous and more open concluding; Emo meaning being comfortable with oneself. Its a more direct way of altering the feelings one has without words, just emotion.

Some say music is not a type of music. That it is more of a fashion and a way of feeling, hence the emotional. Just recently people have been considering emo to be a genre or music.. Taking back Sunday is one of the many bands people consider to be emo.

Wondering why everyone hates emo? Not all emo people are cry babies or sucidial. Many emo kids come from families which are having serious issues whether it being money issues or what have you

What is emo to mean to you? Send us what it means to you and we will add your description.

Viewers Voice

Emo,yes it is short for emotional. But, there is more to emo then hair and looks. Emo is a state of mind. Most people, made them selves appear emo. While in reality, they have to much hope to be emo. Emo is much like goth. But, Goth is Darker. Emo is more emotional, harder to fake. Yes, some emos cut themselves, but there is more than that. Emo is one of the hardest things, to explain. People hate emos, b/c they view us as suicidal ,cry babies, or just week. That's NOT what emo is. Suicidal yes, at times. But, don't judge me for being emo. It's not what I chose to be. It's just what I am.

Another says....

I think emo is just another label, but my definition of it will be for real. Personally, i used to cut,but I stopped. Take it from me. It's hard to stop! I am bi, but I'm not afraid of it! People shouldn't judge us for what we do and who we are. Emo is a music genre, but also a state of mind.If you're emo, don't be afraid of it.It's just who you are! It's perfectly normal to have a sensitive side, although I'm sassy sometimes. I'm really sensitive when 90% of the time. I love being who I am, though I get bullied alot. I don't care. Well, in my opinion, emo is just how people describe over-sensitive people. I write tons of poetry, and I'm in middle school. I am not ashamed to say I like girls, ever since I was 9,I have liked girls. I can't help how I feel! But over the summer,I've changed a bit. I'm not AS sensitive, but I still am. I don't let people put me down. Emo is just about being sensitive and expressing how you feel about something. If you get suicidal thoughts, talk to someone, trust me! Don't make the mistake I did. I am a lot better off without blades.

Some pointers about emo fashions (above simple, universal hardcore attire)

the Emo Romulan look - short, thick, greasy, dyed-black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, and cut high over the ears. Someone from Time In Malta recently described to me the San Diego Crimson Curse scene as "Spock Rock."
actually, any greasy dyed black hair. Bangs in front and spikes in back is very emo too.
horn-rim glasses, or at least thick black frames.
bald head, furry face (boys only). Goes especially well with horn-rims.
heavy slacks, often too tight and short.
thin, too-small polyester button-ups in dark colors, or threadbare children's size t-shirts with random slogans. Button the collar if you got one.
clunky black shoes
gas station jackets. This has diffused a lot over the years though, it's no longer exclusive to emo kids. Nowadays, you may want to select a nice corduroy denim jacket.
also classic outerwear but quickly diffusing to normality: the famous Blue Peacoat
barrettes on boys
make-up (male or female)
too-small cardigans and v-neck sweaters
anorexic thinness. Veganism helps here.

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