January 21, 2009

Emo Neglect

Hello, my name is Mr. Emo

Don’t bother waving or saying hello

Feeling bad for myself is all that I know

Sitting here wishing for a black rainbow


Emo sucks, Emo rules, I really don’t care

Nothing really matters, not even my hair

Not girl pants, though I own twenty pair

Not even my body, covered in gallons of Nair


Leave me alone while I sit and reflect

I feel as important as a tiny insect

Masacara and paint, designed to deflect

Do me a favor and support Emo neglect


Cause that’s all that I want, it’s true and you know

Sadness for me is like a warm pillow

In a state of denial is where I’ll wallow

Don’t worry, I’ll keep my razor cuts shallow

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