January 17, 2009

emo poems


piece of me,
lost to the sea,
missing memories,
new ones made,
i forgot; but never forgave,
life burning,
slowly away,
dragging me down,
deep under ground,
the world disappearing,

as what i had been fearing,

my life seemed to be melting away,

not caring, as i slowly decay,

into nothingness

Where Is My Heart

I've been looking all night
But it can't be found
I'm looking for my heart
But It's not around

Then I Remember...

I want to see the world below me, the warm wind slowly dragging me down. The cries below, nothing but a whisper, rising up into my ears. Looking down at the worlds, i see nothing but a black hole hungrily looking back at me, filled with lies and pain. With small bits of hope and bleeding tears in my eyes, i look up into the clouds one last time, now drowning me in regret hoping fora sign that maybe, I'm wrong. That there so something out there for me. Some one out there for me.But then i turn away in disgust, remembering there is no savior from this hell, no one o save me from this prison that trapped, and ripped me open so many hard memories ago. I close my eyes and slowly let go of everything. Dreams. Love. Hope. I feel nothing more but the wind racing through me. Fear ripping through my veins, tears, slowly floating above me i hear the end approaching, darkness creeping over me and a close my eyes and await the end... Then i open my eyes once more. Its dark and the memories flow back into my soul, like i remembered the breeze whispering in between the stars that night. I fall black again once more, but this time the floor catches me. Then i remember, I'm alone in these Shadows...

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