January 21, 2009

Emo Poetry - Cant Think Of A Title

Can't Think Of A Title

people say "thats the way of life"
its full of trouble, pain and strife,
when it hits you like a punch,
you just want another persons touch,
to hold you close, make it ok,
try to help you fix your day,
but there isnt always someone there,
there isnt always a person who cares,
and then we turn to the one thing,
that when it slices seems to sing,
it sings of pain and sweet release,
and all your troubles seem to cease,
until you realise what youve done,
as the blood begins to run,
and pools along with all your tears,
a mixture of fluids and your fears,
to be replaced by regret,
as your arm continues to wet,
and then you remember that one friend,
taht said they'd be there til the end,
you call them up and start to speak,
and then you both begin to weep,
them for your troubles, you for their kindness,
and also for your acts of violence,
towards yourself which is never needed,
your realise you need never have bleeded,
and tried to let the pain run dry,
as you sat there alone and cried
and one thought hits you like another punch,
and here it comes the final crunch,
while the blood and tears may wash away,
the scars forever on skin will stay

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