January 21, 2009

Emo Poetry - What Can I do?

What Can I do?

I’ve tried, to give you everything,
Even what I do not have,
Still, you seem unaware of what I do,
All I’ve given for you,
All I’ve done to prove,

Still, you seem unaware,
Of how much I love you,
A better life I gave,
Better for you, I behaved,

Nothing, seems to impress you,
Nothing seems to catch your attention,
If I were to write you a song,
You’d like it for a day,
If I wrote you poems,
You’d stash them all away,

What can I do to prove?
My undying love for you,
My burning desire,
To hold you,
My urges, to hear your voice,
My scars screaming your name,
To you it seems all the same.

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