January 22, 2009

Emo Warnings

Are you an emo girl or emo guy?
Here are some tips to be sure that you stay safe and cool with the Emo scene.

1 Don't tell people that you're Emo, or they will call you a poser. If someone asks if you are Emo, deny it.
2 The majority of your friends and society in general will probably look down on you because of your style choice. If so, just ignore it or explain to them that it's just your style and it doesn't make you any less of a person. emo girl
3 Do not slit your wrists. People who do do this are most likely suffering from depression, and the habit should not be taken lightly. Whoever came up with the idea that all emos slit their wrists is a very close-minded person. Emos are emotional and are not afraid to share their pain and experiences. A lot of emos also may be uncomfortable with talking and thus resort to cutting to show their pain--this is NOT a trend, and depression is NOT an accessory.
4 Avoid scenes that promote pain or self-injury in general.

Am I right?

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