January 8, 2012

How to download server files of eAthena / 3ceAm

Needed :
Tortoise Download Link

1.) Run the Tortoise Installer

2.) Proceed to License Agreement and Accept it

3.) Browse for the location where you need to install
*Note : It already have a default Location Path.

4.) Wait for the installation to Finish.

5.) Create a New Folder ( Name it to your desire " Folder Name " for your private server )

6.) Right click on the folder that you made and select on " SVN CheckOut "

7.) Type in

For eAthena ~
For 3ceAm ~

in the " URL of repository " and click the "OK" button

8.) It will download all the server files from the site given above. wait for it until it finish and then select "Ok"

9.) You are now ready to setup eAthena / 3ceAm

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