February 23, 2012

[Guide] Adding Customs to Renewal/LUA, Very easy to follow and understand guide to adding customs to LUA!

How to Add Customs to Renewal/LUA

Before we start this guide, here are some useful links in order for you to use these customs in Renewal.

3ceAM (3rd Class eAthena Modification) Compiled SQL/TXT SVN's by Yetsuki

Yetsuki's 3ceAM Compiled SVN's

Also you will need an LUA/Renewal client, with all the data's and premade exe's found here.

Ragnarok Renewal English Data w/ LUA's

Now if you have all that, let's begin with the tutorial.

Client Side:

1.) Enter your DATA Folder and go into the lua files folder and enter the datainfo Folder.

2.) Open accessoryid.lua in Notepad or any other text editing program.

3.) Now go to the bottom of the text file, and add in your custom item in association with the item.

1000 would be the VIEW ID which will be added into the item_db2.txt in your eAthena DB folder Close that when you're done.

4.) Now open accname.lua and go to the bottom and add in the item ID you set for it.


The _customitem is the sprite name of the file inside your sprite folder, which is located in your GRF.
5.) Now go back to the data Folder and edit the following file idnum2itemdesctable.txt file

Make a random ID for your custom items, we'll start with 18200.


This is a custom item.
Weight :^777777 7 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting��������������777777 7������end_of_the_skype_highlighting^000000

6.) Open the following file idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt

And add its display name table.


Now close that.

7.) Open the following file idnumb2itemresnametable.txt

And add in the resnametable.




Now the current files:
idnum2itemdesctable.txt = num2itemdesctable.txt
idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt = num2itemdisplaynametable
idnum2itemresnametable = num2itemresnametable

Edit those files as the same you did to the others.

Server side:


Now open from your eAthena folder db/itemdb2.txt.

And add in a line for your custom item, here's an example:


18200,customitem,Custom Item Name,5,10,,10,,1,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,64,,0,1,1000,{ bonus bMaxHPrate,20; bonus bMaxSPrate,20; bonus bAllstats,15; bonus bSpeedRate,25; },{},{}

customitem is the sprite name which is located in your sprite folder of your GRF.
Custom Item Name is the custom items name in game.
1000 is the VIEW ID We setup for the custom item which was all the way back in the guide when we went through how to add from the accessoryid.lua file.

Now when you have that all done, start up your test server, run your Renewal EXE and see in game your custom item!

If you have any questions please consider making a post here for help, thanks.